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We offer a comprehensive mold production technology, the plastic mold technical services and complete sets of plastic molding solutions.

Mould Accessories & Products

to provide the best plastic mould team

Our team has a wealth of plastic mold production experience and can solve the problem of the mold and product production quickly and timely .

to provide the most cost-effective mould

We have independent research and development, design production to provide one-stop service for you, you can get what you want products by tell us your requirement.

to provide the best mould technology

Plastic mold and hot runner are two inseparable industry, especially in the thinwall mold, and we have many patented technologys for hot runner project.
Mold production speed, to provid e you with high quality molds, we fastest exactly only 4 seconds for one mold.

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  • 2014, Shanghai plastic Exhibition
  • 2013 Exhibition
  • 2012 Exhibition
  • 2011 Exhibition

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