Business negotiation

This is the start of our cooperation, Step by step, We come for common benefits.

  • Inquiry / Quotation
  • Provid 2D/3D product design
  • Provide product samples
  • Confirmation of order


Accept the task

Grumpy wizards make toxic brew for the evil Queen and Jack.

  • 2D/3D Analysis of the drawings digestion
  • Confirm the production drawings
  • Self check
  • The fixed mould / preparation



Assembly of the mold at the end of each processing step, finishing mould, mould tryout final inspection is next

  • Mold processing
  • Electrode machining
  • Core processing
  • Mould parts processing


Test mould

Tryout fact, last tested in the mold prior to actual production. test mould failure can be ruled out most of the mold

  • Confirm the shape of the product, while the three-dimensional shape of the product becomes constitute an impression
  • Predict undesirable, thin-walled portion of the injection inadequate, shrinking, bending, forming deformation adverse circumstances etc.



  • We usually choose shipping


After-sale service

  • mould within 1000 000 times switch repair is free
  • Our warranty time is 10 years

thinkmould Production flow